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Free online tool for net admins that helps you find pingable IPs for any subnet worldwide, instantly.

Enter a subnet or an ASN.

Enter an IP Subnet (such as or an assigned Autonomous System Number (like AS60068) to find the IPs of the network you are interested in.

And if you give me an organization name, I'll try to give you an answer too. (But no promises!)

Last queried

AS9929 - CHINA UNICOM Industrial Internet Backbone
AS9824 - Jupiter Telecommunication Co. Ltd
AS9808 - China Mobile
AS9644 - SK Telecom
AS9523 -
AS9497 -
AS9329 - Sri Lanka Telecom Ltd
AS9287 - True Internet Data Center Company Limited
AS9038 - Batelco Jordan
AS8918 - Coolwave Communications Limited


Subnet This is a list of subnets advertised by the destination network.
Pingable IP An always reachable IP address in a given subnet that's suitable for latency checks as determined by our CDN77 backend.
Non-lost This number represents how many packets we have received back during our measurements. A higher number means higher link stability. 250 is the highest value.
RTT Latency (ping) from our primary latency servers in Prague to the target.

Scripting API

Would you like to use our IP Radar data for your own scripts? We've prepared an easy JSON API for you. Here's how to use it:

curl https://radar.tools.cdn77.com/api.php?query=AS60068
{"as_number":"AS60068","as_org":"Datacamp Limited","data":{"\/24":{"ip":"","latency":"8.3","nonlost":230},"\/24":{"ip":"","latency":"16.6","nonlost":228},"\/24":{"ip":"","latency":"13.1","nonlost":171},"\/24":{"ip":"","latency":"12.5","nonlost":233},"\/24":{"ip":"","latency":"27.7","nonlost":182},"\/24":{"ip":"","latency":"15.9","nonlost":235},"\/24":{"ip":"","latency":"94.0","nonlost":232},"\/24":{"ip":"","latency":"109.1","nonlost":228},"\/24":{"ip":"","latency":"111.2","nonlost":98},"\/24":{"ip":"","latency":"17.5","nonlost":172},"\/24":{"ip":"","latency":"43.3","nonlost":37},"\/24":{"ip":"","latency":"7.7","nonlost":204}}}

We'll return AS information (as_number, as_org) as well as detailed latency data for each subnet in the data JSON array. Output slightly varies depending on if you're asking for an AS or a subnet.

Our backend pings all networks on our planet regularly from multiple datacenters to help optimize our CDN infrastructure, so you'll be getting the same high-quality data we use to serve our global customers.

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